Toh Yi-Chin

Assistant Professor,
Department of Biomedical Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering, NUS
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
National University of Singapore
4, Engineering Drive 3
Singapore 117583
Tel: 6516 1486


  • B.Eng (Hons), Department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering, National University of Singapore 1997-2001
  • Ph.D., NUS Graduate School of Integrative Sciences and Engineering, National University of Singapore 2002 – 2008

Major Research Interests

  • Understanding the relationship between cellular heterogeneity and their spatial locality within a multi-cellular tissue environment
  • Understanding the spatio-temporal relationships between cellular microenvironments and stem cell fate specification during normal and pathogenic embryonic tissue development
  • Engineering microfluidic human tissue models for personalized drug testing
  • – Patient-specific differential drug responses
    – Multi-tissues interaction-mediated drug responses

Selected Research Project

  • Human neural crest stem cells for modelling and repair of craniofacial defects
  • Micropatterned 3D neuroepithelial tissues for modelling early neuropathogenesis
  • Patient-derived Micro-Avatars Chip (PD-MAC) for personalized testing of cancer therapeutics

Selected Publications

Tasnim, Farah; Toh, Yi-Chin; Qu, Yinghua; Li, Huan; Phan, Derek; Narmada, Balakrishnan Chakrapani; Ananthanarayanan, Abhishek ; Mittal, Nikhil; Meng, Ryan; Yu, Hanry, Functionally enhanced human stem cell derived hepatocytes in galactosylated cellulosic sponges for hepatotoxicity testing, 2016, Molecular Pharmaceutics, 13 (6), pp 1947–1957, doi: 10.1021/acs.molpharmaceut.6b00119

Yukti Choudhury, Yi-Chin Toh, Yinghua Qu, Jiangwa Xing, Jonathan Poh, Hui Shan Tan, Ravindran Kanesvaran, Hanry Yu, and Min-Han Tan, Patient-specific hepatocyte-like cells derived from induced pluripotent stem cells model pazopanib-mediated hepatotoxicity. 2016, Scientific Reports (under revision, co-first author)

G. Sahni,J. Yuan, Y.C. Toh*. Stencil Micropatterning of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells for Probing Spatial Organization of Differentiation Fates, Journal of Visualized Experiments, 2016 Jun 17;(112). doi: 10.3791/54097

F. Tasnim, D. Phan, Y.C. Toh, H. Yu. Cost effective differentiation of hepatocyte-like cells from human pluripotent stem cells using small molecules. 2015, Biomaterials, 70:115-25

J. Xing, Y.C Toh*, S. Xu, H. Yu. A method for human teratogen detection by geometrically confined cell differentiation and migration. 2015, Scientific Reports, 5, Article number: 10038

Y.C. Toh*, J. Xing, Yu H. Modulation of integrin and E-cadherin-mediated adhesions to spatially control heterogeneity in human pluripotent stem cell differentiation. 2015, Biomaterials, 50: 87-97

C.G. Anene-Nzelu, K.Y. Peh, A. Fraiszudeen, Y.H. Han, S. H. Ng, H. Yu, Y.C. Toh*, H.L. Leo, A scalable method for aligning 3D micro-tissues in microfluidic chips, 2013, Lab Chip, 13 (20), 4124 – 4133

C.G. Anene-Nzelu, D. Choudhury, H. Li, A. Fraiszudeen, K.Y. Peh, Y.C. Toh, S. H. Ng, H. L. Leo, H. Yu, Scalable cell alignment on optical media substrates, 2013, Biomaterials, 34(21): 5078-5087

Y. Wang, Y.C. Toh, Q.S. Li, B.X. Zheng, B. Nugraha, T.B. Lu, Y. Gao, H. Yu, Mechanical compaction directly modulates the dynamics of bile canaliculi formation, 2013, Integrative Biology, 5 (2): 390 – 401

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