LSI has programs of research in immunology, neurobiology and ageing, tissue engineering, lipidomics (SLING) and human molecular variation (iOmics). Please click on tabs above for details.


The Immunology Programme at NUS brings together 30 immunologists at NUS and NUH. It is positioned to become a world class centre of Immunological research, building deep links with Its goal is to nucleate the immunology community and cement ties with localSingapore research institutions and hospitals for a seamless translation of basic science to clinical medicine. 10 of our principal investigators. (PI) labs are now located under one roof at the Centre for Life Sciences, operating on an open laboratory concept, facilitating inter-lab communication and encouraging collaboration.


The Neurobiology/Ageing Programme consists of a broad-based group of investigators who conduct inter-disciplinary research that includes developmental and molecular neurobiology, the neurobiology of perception and cognition...

Tissue Engineering

The NUS Tissue Engineering Programme (NUSTEP) is a multidisciplinary programme that aims to develop core competencies and to create innovations in cell and construct technologies for effective integration of living systems for clinical therapies. The goal is to establish a globally competitive programme in tissue engineering with significant research outcomes that will result in international recognition for high quality research with clinical and industrial applications.


The SLING program is a major global magnet for collaborating parties in lipidomics, from academia and industry, delivering new technologies and intellectual capital.


The iOmics program is a major project with the aim to investigate the extent to which the Singaporean ethnic groups vary within and between themselves. Reserachers study of intra- and inter-ethnic variation of human subjects across a variety of "omics" technologies, which include: (i) genomics; (ii) transcriptomics; (iii) lipidomics; and (iv) microbiome metagenomics. The over arching purpose of these studies is understanding the correlations between the different biological properties of these individuals and how this informs the normal and disease states.

CeLS Partner Research Links


Research Institutes at CeLS

CeLS is home to partner research institutes such as Comparative Medicine (CM), Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering (SCELSE), Singapore Institute for Neurotechnology (SINAPSE) and Clinical Imaging Research Centre (CIRC). 

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Director's Message

Director's Message

Welcome to the Life Sciences Institute (LSI) website! LSI is a research centre dedicated to the understanding of fundamental biological pathways in human health and disease, environmental science and industrial processes.


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Central Facility

CeLS provides quality, central facility, equipped with cutting edge tools at the forefront of technology. 

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