Central Facility


Centre for Life Sciences (CeLS) provides quality, central facility, equipped with cutting edge tools at the forefront of technology.

Advanced Imaging Laboratory

The Advanced Imaging Laboratory is a core microscopy facility of the Life Sciences Institute. Light microscopes in the facility are available for fluorescence, live-cell timelapse and confocal imaging.

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Flow Cytometry Laboratory

The Flow Cytometry Laboratory of the LSI Immunology Programme at the National University of Singapore is a state of the art facility that provides flow cytometric services to the LSI Immunology Programme, and also to many other users inside and outside NUS.

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Electron Microscopy Laboratory

The Electron Microscopy Laboratory provides advanced expertise and services for both routine and advanced sample preparation, electron microscopy imaging, and analysis of biological samples and bio-composite materials.

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Antibody Core Facility

The Antibody Core Facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a unique antibody discovery pipeline to produce fully human antibodies for use in therapeutics, diagnostics or research.

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Histology Core Facility

The Histology Core Facility offers standard and customized research-specific histology services on a wide variety of tissues samples and staining techniques depending on research questions.

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