Research Programmes



The LSI Immunology Programme at NUS brings together 30 immunologists at NUS and NUH. Its goal is to nucleate the immunology community and cement ties with local research institutions and hospitals for a seamless translation … more


The Neurobiology Programme consists of a broad-based group of investigators who conduct inter-disciplinary research that includes developmental and molecular neurobiology, the neurobiology of perception and cognition…more

Tissue Engineering

The NUS Tissue Engineering Programme (NUSTEP) is a multidisciplinary programme that aims to develop core competencies and to create innovations in cell and construct technologies for effective integration… more

Singapore Lipidomics Incubator (SLING)

Once viewed simply as a reservoir for carbon storage, lipids are no longer cast as bystanders in the drama of biological systems… more

Integrative Genomics, Lipidomics, Transcriptomics (iOmics)

A project with the aim to investigate the extent of intra- and inter-ethnic variation of human subjects across a variety of “omics” technologies, for the purpose of understanding… more

Synthetic Biology for Clinical and Technological Innovation (SynCTI)

SynCTI was formally established in 2014 as the focal research program for Synthetic Biology at the National University of Singapore. SynCTI operates as a highly interdisciplinary research core… more