NUS-Agilent Hub for Translation and Capture


The National University of Singapore (NUS, SLING), Agilent Technologies, a global leader in life sciences, diagnostics, and applied chemical markets , and National University Hospital (NUH) have established Singapore’s first integrated translational R&D hub that leverages on biochemical innovation and research data analytics to develop new methods of translating clinical research into clinical diagnostics.

The NUS-Agilent Hub aims to be a global premier one-stop research centre for informing clinical testing through the use of emerging technologies and translational studies to provide greater insight and accuracy to clinical biochemistry testing. This collaboration between NUS, Agilent and NUH represents a unique and innovative approach to conducting joint research into important health issues and medical science. The “hub and satellite model” allows research to be conducted centrally, Singapore-based, but shared broadly, both locally, regionally as well as globally through key partnerships and alliances supported by NUS and Agilent.

Link to NUS-Agilent Hub for Translation and Capture video.