SingMass, a new National Laboratory of Mass Spectrometry at the National University of Singapore and A-STAR, brings together three existing world-class centres:

  • The Protein and Proteomics Centre (PPC at NUS)
  • The Functional Proteomics Laboratory (FPL at A*STAR)
  • The Singapore Lipidomics Incubator (SLING at NUS)

Each centre built specific areas of expertise that will be combined into a coordinated platform, offering scientists in Singapore and the larger Southeast Asian region a one-stop solution for mass spectrometry applications and technology development.

The mission of the Lipidomics unit @SingMass is to collaborate with the greater Singapore research community, we encourage enquiries concerning potential collaborations by contacting through the website either:

  • the SingMass Manager (TBA, applications open) or
  • Federico Torta and Markus Wenk (Lipidomics Unit Scientific Directors) to discuss potential interactions (;